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worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu May 19 11:42:11 BST 2005

Report on TRAPESE and SCHNEWS events.
Report on leafleting activities and food stall.

NETHEREDGE FLYERS: Contact made with Netheredge against the war so as to
co-ordinate and not duplicate flyers. Their flyer did not advocate the kind of
creative and visual street banners that we would have liked i.e. banners,
posters, scarecrows, Rainbow Flags etc.
We could go to their public meeting that hasn't got a date yet and make our
points known.
We should produce our own flyer and leaflet the area, which should be creative.
Contact Steve about the flyer. The flyer should be done for next week.
Could do some door knocking and talk to people.
Could take a picture of Netheredge house with a banner on it and put it on the
internet with a news story.

EXCLUSION ZONES: Jillian Creasy wants a response about the demo proper route.
We should ask for a march even if we don't get it to show how oppressive they
Annie will email Jillian to ask about the route.

Have some workshops. Everyone could contact people. CIRCA contacted? Maybe
organise a public trial for the G8 justice ministers.
Need to sort out film screening equipment for late Thursday night.
Sheffield Against G8 Phone no. 07913 779976

ALL SHOULD CHECK THE WIKI linked from www.sheffield.dissent.org.uk and add their

Banner making on Monday  23rd at 7pm at the RUTLAND.

Should RECYCLE placards from STOPWAR demo.

JUNE 1st COUNCIL MEETING: should go into the public gallery to ask questions at
1.30pm in the town hall.
QUESTIONS: Why are they here? How much does it cost? Is this making us more
secure? Why is the G8 not accountable to anybody? Is it wasting Police
Lets PRESS RELEASE the council meeting.

A general info leaflet will be put on the list tomorrow.

Nick offers to be treasurer. Therefore receipts go through him for money from
New Roots. Discussion of leaflet costs.

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