[g8-sheffield] operation green tea.. WELLCOME TO THE POLICE STATE..

worldwarfree at riseup.net worldwarfree at riseup.net
Thu May 19 11:58:09 BST 2005

Seems we are to be given a protest pen on devonshire green? well thats what i
read into the flurry of e mails over night.. this could be intresting as the
residents of the area i know have not been contacted or given passes like those
in nether edge.. so what about the freedom of movement? are all people the
police consider to be a protester or suspect to be protester going to be
restricted? are they going to arrested etc?.. this is rather FUCKING CRASS
theyre here talking about civill libertys and so forth but are resticting the
very liberty called freedom of movement.. there are many thousands of people
live work and use the city centre.. so thay are going to face days of
helicopters police with guns intimidation harrasment so forth.. can i ask some
of us meet sunday.. to get a press statement together and out for monday.. do a
press conferance on devonshire green next thursday setting up a mock protest pen
only allowing the press into the pen if they can prove theyre peacfull
protesters and so forth.. if we do not meet sunday this needs to be an item for
the agenda next week as there is only one week before the full councill
meeting.. i feel this issue is something we should be takeing to that meeting
and highlighting to the councill the media and of course then many thousnads
who live work and use the city centre and are going to face this state clamp
down.. outraged is not the measure of how i feel..


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