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nick ill scan and pdf the posters in a while.. we are working on the single a5
flyer as i write.. here is the crticall mass edition of that flyer to be given
out on the 11th 15th and dureing the anti war demo on the 11th can chris of
fabian put it onto the web page and wicki with the attched pdf file..

The Text


This inconvenience was brought to you by the G8 interior ministers meeting being
held in Sheffield June 15th -17th. There has been no public consultation
regarding these meetings yet the people of Sheffield will face several days of
exclusion zones in the city centre and Netheredge area. The G8 ministers will,
literally, be having the traffic stopped so that they can go to dinner without
facing any interruptions from peaceful protestors. Therefore we have decided to
interrupt their dinner plans whilst highlighting the hypocritical policies of
the G8 ministers.

We are using non-motorised transport to demonstrate the viable alternatives to
oil addiction and wars for oil. This is done under the pretence of a WAR ON
TERROR which in turn has necessitated our hard won CIVIL LIBERTIES being taken
away. They are meeting in Sheffield discuss further ways to infringe our civil
liberties and so it is in all our interests to oppose them. While in Sheffield
they will be talking on subjects such as; the occupation of IRAN and how to
exploit Africa's natural resources under the pretence of promoting democracy
and giving aid.

These discussions precede the main G8 summit for the heads of State, in Scotland
6-8th of July where there are already plans to disrupt and shut down the meeting

The G8 in Sheffield - why does it matter?

Many Sheffield people will now be aware that the G8 Interior and Justice
Ministers are meeting in Sheffield on 15-17 June 2005 - but what is it all

The G8 is not a democratic forum - it is an exclusive meeting of the seven
biggest economies in the world, plus Russia. It's rather like the big boys
ganging up in a corner of the school playground.

The G8's agenda has never been to solve the problems of hunger and health
experienced by three-quarters of the world's population. They meet to make the
world safe for globalisation - a process that puts capitalists in control of
everything, right across the world.

The G8 states support globalisation through privatisation (e.g. of water
supplies in Africa, as well as your bus services) and war (e.g. in Iraq, and
the threats to Iran and Cuba). This adds to insecurity in countries in the
global South, such as Bolivia and Ghana. Then people migrate, as they cannot
survive or prosper in countries threatened by war or environmental catastrophe.

The Interior Ministers will be sharing ideas about combating terrorism, which
they see as the worst threat. They have used terrorism as an excuse to:

a.. lock up suspects without a trial
b.. increase the state's control by keeping information about everyone, through
ID cards for example
c.. play on people's fear of outsiders, and people with different beliefs,
appearance or cultures
When the G8 comes to Sheffield, we'll see some of their ideas in action:

a.. residents in Nether Edge have been told they will have to carry a passport
to enter and leave their homes
a.. armed police will patrol the streets and helicopters will hang overhead for
days on end
b.. your email and phone calls may be intercepted
c.. you will be excluded from your city centre while the G8 wine and dine there
d.. pubs, theatres, clubs and restaurants have been asked to close, and
transport will be disrupted
Your local MP and city council are, in fact, so proud of your city that they are
prepared to exclude all citizens from it in order to show it off.

Once again we APOLOGISE for your INCONVENIECE

For more info and continuous updates once the G8 have left Sheffield see

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