[g8-sheffield] G8 questions (for Council meeting on 1st)

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Thu May 19 22:07:14 BST 2005

Dear all

Here are some possible questions. I went to the Stop the War meeting tonight. They are planning a presence at the Council meeting on 1st June (to present their petition and speak to it - they will be allowed a 5 minute speech from the floor of the chamber). They will also gather outside the Town Hall from noon (with Samba band) and do a press release ...

I put the idea of "rapid fire" questions from the gallery and they seemed agreeable. It will really put the Jan Wilson on the spot much more than a couple of long speeches from the gallery, however heartfelt. Hence copying in Angela Shann so she can pass the idea on through the Stop the War announcements list. 

Here are some initial ideas to add to Annie and Heather's collection.
What about putting them on (little yellow!) cards and giving one to everyone in the public gallery to read out? 


(Lack of) consultation re visit
How was the decision to host the G8 in Sheffield taken?

How have city centre traders and businesses been informed of arrangements for the G8 visit?

Have the churches and other faith communities been consulted about the visit?

Was the appropriate Area Panel (Nether Edge, Broomhill and Central) informed or consulted re the G8 visit?

Why was hosting the G8 not discussed in Full Council?

Were all the party leaders consulted about the G8 visit?

Effects in city
Will the G8 visit put Sheffield on the map because of mass protests?

What will be the economic effect of closing down the city centre for 3 days?

What will the G8 visit do for our credentials as a Fairtrade city?

Will the city council assess the effects of diverting most of its police force into protecting the G8?

What compensation has been offered to city centre traders and businesses?

Will the buses and trams run as normal throughout the G8 visit?

Is it true that the people of NetherEdge have been issued with passes?

G8 agenda
Will the G8 discuss ways of helping Sheffield's 300+ destitute asylum seekers?

Will the G8 discuss ways of stopping people fleeing environmental disasters?

Will the G8 discuss ways of stopping people fleeing war?

Will the G8 discuss the conditions of detainees in Guantanamo?

Will the G8 discuss control orders for people who haven't had been tried in court?

Will the G8 discuss ID cards?

Will the G8 discuss how to police anti-war protests?

Will the G8 discuss the privatisation of essential services such as water?

Will the G8 discuss the extension of PFI?

Which member of the G8 does the Council Leader most admire, and why?

If the G8 is such a good thing, why should they be afraid of Sheffield people?

When will Sheffield invite the leaders of the 8 poorest nations of the world?

What has the G8 done to close the gap internationally?

The G8 is a self selected, unelected caucus which meets outside the UN or the WTO - what kind of example does this set to national and local government?
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