[g8-sheffield] call out for unwanted bicycles

Helen and Nick slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 20 18:55:02 BST 2005

hey everyone

there's a call out for bikes for people to use during
the G8 in scotland for general use, direct action,
message taking etc etc.

If you have an old bike you dont want that you are
happy to see donated to the dissent group then get in
touch with me and we can arrange picking it up. Even
if it needs a little work on it then its still

I will be taking the bikes up on mass in a van so
please every bike will come in handy - dont throw that
old bike away. 

Also if you see any mountain bikes in skips then pull
em out and email me.

NB - These bikes will have to be non-returnable and if
still roadworthy will most prob be donated somewhere
after the G8.


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