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To Jenny, the letter has been  up on the Wiki for a couple of days now. 
Great to send it to the editors, I wouldn't mind signing it as well if 
you need any other signatories... let me know.

I am now translating a guide to Scottish law into Spanish

Bye and best luck


Keith Richards wrote:
> just to correct one point - as far as I know Nether
> Edge residents have been told nothing about the visit
> let alone about carrying "passports"
> The hotel in question is at the top of my road, so I
> assume I will be inside some sort of security zone.
> This week additional fibre optic cables were laid up
> my road to be connected to a "police station" to be
> installed outside the hotel. Nice to know our taxes
> are being used so productively?
> Keith
> --- Jenny Patient <jenny.patient at blueyonder.co.uk>
> wrote:
>>Many thanks for all your kind and helpful comments.
>>Below is a slightly revised/corrected version - main
>>thing to note is that the web site was wrong - it's
>>Please feel absolutely free to use all/any of this
>>for leaflets or whatever. I shall send it as a
>>letter to the Telegraph and the Star, just as me,
>>not on behalf of anyone.
>>The G8 in Sheffield - why does it matter?
>>Many Sheffield people will now be aware that the G8
>>Interior and Justice Ministers are meeting in
>>Sheffield on 15-17 June 2005 - but what is it all
>>The G8 is not a democratic forum - it is an
>>exclusive meeting of the seven biggest economies in
>>the world, plus Russia. It's rather like the big
>>boys ganging up in a corner of the school
>>The G8's agenda has never been to solve the problems
>>of hunger and health experienced by three-quarters
>>of the world's population. They meet to make the
>>world safe for globalisation - a process that puts
>>capitalists in control of everything, right across
>>the world.
>>The G8 states support globalisation through
>>privatisation (e.g. of water supplies in Africa, as
>>well as your bus services) and war (e.g. in Iraq,
>>and the threats to Iran and Cuba). This adds to
>>insecurity in countries in the global South, such as
>>Bolivia and Ghana. Then people migrate, as they
>>cannot survive or prosper in countries threatened by
>>war or environmental catastrophe. 
>>The Interior Ministers will be sharing ideas about
>>combating terrorism, which they see as the worst
>>threat. They have used terrorism as an excuse to:
>>  a.. lock up suspects without a trial
>>  b.. increase the state's control by keeping
>>information about everyone, through ID cards for
>>  c.. play on people's fear of outsiders, and people
>>with different beliefs, appearance or cultures
>>When the G8 comes to Sheffield, we'll see some of
>>their ideas in action:
>>  a.. residents in Nether Edge have been told they
>>will have to carry a passport to enter and leave
>>their homes
>>  a.. armed police will patrol the streets and
>>helicopters will hang overhead for days on end
>>  b.. your email and phone calls may be intercepted
>>  c.. you will be excluded from your city centre
>>while the G8 wine and dine there
>>  d.. pubs, theatres, clubs and restaurants have
>>been asked to close, and transport will be disrupted
>>Your local MP and city council are, in fact, so
>>proud of your city that they are prepared to exclude
>>all citizens from it in order to show it off. 
>>If you would like to add your voice to the protest
>>against this way of running the world, join the
>>peaceful demonstration in the city centre at 5.30 on
>>Weds 15th June, and see
>>http://www.sheffield.dissent.org.uk/ for more
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