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Dear Jillian,

Are we still going on with the action on June 1st, Townhall city
council? (the little cards with the questions on g8)?
Is the time to be there noon exactly?
Yes it 's a good idea to have many signatories, suppose not difficult to
As for the postal address, is it so risky to give one's own? If it isn't
(i really wouldn't like to be repatriated), you may use ours at
Sheffield. BUt please contact me privately.


Jillian Creasy wrote:

> Dear all
> The negotiations with the police seem to be at a standstill - I 
> suggested a route to Sgt Roche, but he has not got back to me. In
> case things don't progress, it would be good to have some public
> pressure ready to apply. John Smith has drafted this letter which we
> could spread far and wide by email/web and get load so signatures
> from individuals and organisations. What do people think? Is there
> someone out there who could set up a way of signing up to it on the
> our website? Or offer a postal address for collecting "hard copy"
> addresses?
> Jillian
> Open Letter: G8 summit: Sheffield people call for right to protest to
> be respected.
> On June 16, the interior ministers of the world's seven richest
> nations (along with the decorative presence of Russia) meet in
> Sheffield to discuss how to step up the offensive against our human
> rights and our democratic rights which is being conducted under the
> banner of the 'war against terrorism'. Sheffield Against the G8 and
> other organisations (name them...) are joining together to organise a
> mass demonstration to protest against the disgrace brought upon our
> city by their presence.
> Negotiations with the police to arrange a route are presently stuck,
> as local police representatives are awaiting instructions from
> 'higher up'. We are concerned that the police/government will attempt
> to suppress our right to protest in the centre of our city, and
> instead attempt to marginalise our demonstration by forcing it to the
> fringes.
> This demonstration will be peaceful and self-disciplined. Young and
> old; families with children; the able-bodied and the disabled - in
> short everyone - is invited  to participate. Anyone who does not
> respect the defined route of the demonstration and the stewards who
> will be appointed to keep order is not welcome and will be told to go
> away. We believe that any attempt to deny our right to march through
> the city centre on the grounds of our inability to protect the
> character of the demonstration would be a grave and unacceptable
> infringement of our rights.
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