[g8-sheffield] Re: assuring our right to demonstrate

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Sat May 21 12:56:44 BST 2005

> I think 'who will be appointed' is clumsy and needs to be changed;
> the essence of the matter is that the demonstration is/should be
> *under the control of the demonstrators*, and that this is a
> collective action, a united action, that the peace and security of
> the demonstration is the responsibility of everyone. We should
> organise a meeting for stewards, and make an open invitation and
> request to individuals and organisations that they volunteer to a
> stewarding force. You might not like the word force, either, but I
> like to call things by their real names.

They are called, the stewarding force "legal observers" by the G8 arrest
support team. There is a call out already written for legal observers,
even translated. I think I have a copy and will put it up on the wiki.
The idea of the legal observers team was brought up to this group months
ago: it was opposed by Peace in the Park representative on the grounds
that since no violent protesters would be allowed to demonstrate, no
arrest support would be necessary!
(Someone will correct this statement sooner or later, but witnesses were
around as well).

Anyone may be a legal observer.
I wish there was a better coordination with the g8arrest support team,

G8arrestsupport mailing list
G8arrestsupport at lists.aktivix.org

bye for now


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> Hi
> On Fri 20-May-2005 at 09:39:38PM +0100, Jillian Creasy wrote:
>> Is there someone out there who could set up a way of signing up to
>> it on the our website?
> Easiest thing would be to create a new page for it on the SSF wiki
> and use that -- anyone can create an account on it and then add their
> name if they want.
> I won't be putting my name to it because I don't agree with this:
>> Anyone who does not respect the defined route of the demonstration
>> and the stewards who will be appointed to keep order is not welcome
>> and will be told to go away.
> Chris

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