[g8-sheffield] assuring our right to demonstrate

John Smith johncsmith at btinternet.com
Sat May 21 14:36:56 BST 2005

Sorry, my last message decided to send itself before I had finished writing

Dear Chris

I asked: "Is it the 'respect to the defined route' that is the problem, or
'respect the stewards'? Or both?"

You said: "I just don't see the need for this, the policing by the police is
going to be heavy enough, what is the need to add to it?"

But that's exactly the point: I don't want any policing by the police, there
is no need for the police, we are quite capable of maintaining the safety
and security of our own demonstrations. In Cuba, children and youth provide
the stewards at demonstrations, such as at last Tuesday's march of 1.2
million against US state terrorism. 

There's one thing I'm not clear about: are you objecting to having any
mention in the open letter of stewarding, or are you objecting to having
stewards on the demo?

John S

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