[g8-sheffield] assuring our right to demonstrate

Chris chris at aktivix.org
Sat May 21 20:57:52 BST 2005


On Sat 21-May-2005 at 07:34:47PM +0100, John Smith wrote:
> I'm not suggesting we demand that the police don't turn
> up, I'm trying to establish the principle that we don't
> need and don't want the police to police *our*
> demonstrations. 

I don't share your view that heavily policing the demo
ourselves is necessary to demonstrate that the police are
not needed.

> We must give people confidence that we are in control of
> our own demonstration, not the police - and neither any
> small group who might think about sitting down or
> straying from the agreed route.  What is wrong with
> asking all who join the march to abide by the route and
> assist the work of the stewards in ensuring that the
> march proceeds?

I don't think it's necessary and it's divisive, I can't
think of any other example of a demo where there have been
conditions like these imposed by the demo organisers on
the protestors...

So what if a bunch of kids decide to sit down, are the
stewards going to forceably move them on? 


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