[g8-sheffield] demo - bad news

atw againstthewar at totalserve.co.uk
Tue May 24 03:21:28 BST 2005

>John is rewriting the letter emphasising that this is an
>unacceptable infringement of our right to demonstrate. We can
>then get is signed by as many people as possible, including any
>big names we can think of and send to the press, the police, the
>Council, whatever. I am trying to find out exactly what laws are
>being invoked.

I suspect a petition may be a complete waste of time and energy - they
don't usually work and because of that can do more harm than good.
They are disempowering and can then lead to apathy - people feel
powerless so tend to avoid politics altogether. However finding out
which laws are being applied is worthwhile. I thought there was some
right in the new Human Rights act that guaranteed the right to
demonstrate and get together.

>Not sure how the SAG8 group will respond in terms of doing
>something else/different/more so on the afternoon/evening of the
>15th ... as far as I'm concerned, I was only interested in
>helping set up a peaceful, well disciplined march and will not
>get involved in alternatives on the street - am going to
>concentrate on getting maximum publicity for this turn of events
>and on the other things - march on the 11th, Peace in the Park,
>demo outside and questions inside the council meeting ...
>Will be interested to hear what you all think.

So we're allowed to demonstrate in groups of 2 then? Maybe that's
exactly what we should do. I suspect this could be much more a pain in
the arse to police than a normal demo. Random pairs suddenly marching
in the road all over the city without warning might be quite fun.


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