[g8-sheffield] Re: The G8 in Sheffield - revised and corrected!

Jenny Patient jenny.patient at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 24 23:08:50 BST 2005

I wrote: "residents in Nether Edge have been told they will have
to carry a passport to enter and leave their homes"

Steve wrote: I'd be interested to know where this story came from.

I've been spreading this story so I will try to explain where it came from - 
I didn't make it up, but maybe I inferred some things. I've been talking to 
people and then forgetting who told me what.

I'm sure there will be a security zone of 120 houses around the Marriott - 
that was in the Telegraph. I've heard that people in that zone have already 
had security checks done on who lives in their house. I've heard that in 
Gleneagles, people in the security zone will have ID cards issued. I may 
have inferred that people in the Nether Edge zone will have to carry 
passports during the G8 - but I cannot see how else it could work, so it 
seems a fair inference. (If not the highest standard of journalism 

Hope that helps

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> Hi
> On Tue 24-May-2005 at 02:27:00AM +0100, Steve Against the
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>> >
>> I live in Nether Edge and have been told no such thing.
>> I'd be interested to know where this story came from.
>> For starters not everyone has a passport so I'm a bit
>> dubious.
> I dunno where this story came from...
> This morning a load of portacabins arrived at the Mariot
> Hotel in Nether Edge.
> It would be cool to have a Sheffield map leaflet for Peace
> in the Park, is anyone on this list a whiz with graphics?
> Chris
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