[g8-sheffield] demo - bad news, really?

fabian fab at in-no.org
Tue May 24 11:50:12 BST 2005

Am 24.05.2005 um 01:44 schrieb Jillian Creasy:
Hi there,

> The police have told me today that they will not allow any kind 
> of march in the city centre during the afternoon/evenings of the G8 
> visit. In fact they won't allow any sort of gathering at all - they 
> are using "delegated powers" to stop groups of two or more people. I 
> tried to ask where the general public would be allowed to move 
> normally and couldn't get a straight answer. They would be happy for 
> us to demonstrate on Devonshire Green. I said this was not an option, 
> we wanted to have a presence in the city centre and to be able to 
> march, we didn't see the point of being coralled on Devonshire Green, 
> surrounded by police. He - Gary - said Devonshire Green was a 
> traditional place for demos and there would be people around.
Thanks to you Jillian and John for negotiating. I think that is playing 
right into our hands.
It is what we expected in a way and I think we should use this to 
generate publicity as it is outragous. I cannot believe how stupid they 
are anyway. The same is happening in Gleneagles as G8 alternatives is 
being denied to march there during the conference. THey make it all to 
obvious:  Freedom is slavery, war is peace, democracy is staying at 
home and shut up.

> John is rewriting the letter emphasising that this is an unacceptable 
> infringement of our right to demonstrate. We can then get is signed by 
> as many people as possible, including any big names we can think of 
> and send to the press, the police, the Council, whatever.
is good and important. In my opionion though the rewritten letter 
should focus on the right to demostrate being deprived of us, without 
mentioning the way we would have had the march (e.g. well disciplined 
and the like) because that sounds a bit odd to me. The right to protest 
is a fundamental right, full stop, it is not subject to further 
regulations, micro self management, forward self diziplin and the 

> Not sure how the SAG8 group will respond in terms of doing something 
> else/different/more so on the afternoon/evening of the 15th ...
As far as I am concerned, gathering on Devonshire Green with sound 
system and hang out there anyway. We could stage a protest there for 
the right to demonstrate, e.g. by having our mouths taped, our hands 
cuffed. We have to make sure that we are on top of it though, do not 
want people to get frustated by sheer police force as expressed by some 
after Derby...we are more powerful than they can possibly imagine...

> as far as I'm concerned, I was only interested in helping set up a 
> peaceful, well disciplined march and will not get involved in 
> alternatives on the street - am going to concentrate on getting 
> maximum publicity for this turn of events and on the other things - 
> march on the 11th
is it feasable to get the stop the war coalition to express solidarity 
on the 11th to us being denied to march on Wednesday? Like having all 
banners just in black, as if they were being censored, having no 
speeches and everybody quite, no slogans....publicity wise that would 
generate a lot more attention and it also makes more sense than the 
usual march, speech, go home and feel powerless type of thing...

> , Peace in the Park, demo outside and questions inside the council 
> meeting ...
would like to emphazise our possibilites to raise awareness during the 
counterconference...after the nottingham dissent meeting, I have the 
impression that we can expect quite a few people to come over. The 
program is slowly growing as there will be meeting of make borders 
history and other campaigns in preparation of G8 in Scotland.

> Will be interested to hear what you all think.

Do not forget, that we are using the G8 being in Sheffield to 
deconstruct their faul narrative of freedom and democracy (pronouced 
the american way) and they are of great help to us in this respect.

May the force be with thou

> Jillian
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