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From: Philip Satur
Subject: letters to editor - G8 

Dear Sir 

Sheffield is about to host a G8 conference in an effort to raise its
profile but at what cost to its own people? In some bizare 21st
anniversary of 1984 and hot on the heels of the new series of Big
Brother, Sheffield is prepared to subject its citizens to intrusion and
exclusion. The 'City Fathers' ought to know that Sheffield is already a
fabulous city and who hasn't already heard of Sheffield steel, Pulp or
the Cruicible Theatre ! 

Notwithstanding my dislike for the money hungry, war mongering and
environment destroying G8 nations I also object to our city hosting this
event because of the over the top intrusion into the lives of us
Sheffield folk. Talk of 'no go zones' in the city and 'out of bounds
area's ' are rife with no one really knowing or willing to say what the
effects of these restrictions will be. People having to get permits to
walk up their own street, resdents being asked who resides at their
address, a Lyceum production (rumoured) called off and trams not running
while the great and good dine at our expense in the Cutlers Hall. 

Is raising Sheffield's profile worth all this? Why hasn't the council
discussed with the people of Sheffield to see if we are prepared to
stand for this amount of intrusion? Surely the Prime Ministers country
residence is a more suitable and less disruptive venue than Nether Edge,
a built up leafy suberb close to the busy city centre. Our city council
always manages to surprise me with its crass stupidity and it's couldn't
care less for its people attitude. They should all resign now or better
still fall of their swords.........made of Sheffield steel of course. 

Philip Satur 

To: richard.caborn at culture.gsi.gov.uk; MUNN, Meg
Cc: jcreasey at onetel.com
Subject: G8 conference/Sheffield 

Dear Richard 

I wish to make my unhappiness about the G8 conference to be held in
Sheffield during June 2005. Apart from the fact that like alot of people
I strongly object to the activities of G8 and what they stand for I also
have serious problems with the impact upon local people. People having
to get permits to get to their own homes!!!, a performance at the Lyceum
cancelled!!!, trams shut down!!!! (how will I get to work?) ....its a
disgrace and shows how little regard the MP's of Sheffield and the city
council have for its citizens. How can you allow your home town people
(Richard) be treated like this. It stinks. I dont supppose you care,
after all during the recent elections I never saw you or so much of a
canvasser ...maybe you took my vote for granted, well you didnt get IT!
Come to think about it I live in the city centre and can't remember the
last time I saw you. Shffield should be ashamed for allowing its
citizens to be treated like this and you should resign. I will be
protesting like many and hope tens of thousands show you and your
cronies exactly what we think of G8 . I am almost tempted to vote G4 and
they are as equally as appaling as your crew. I hope we bring the city
to a peaceful but emphatic standstill!

Philip Satur 

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