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Tue May 24 21:52:20 BST 2005

This was sent to me via the council email system. May be useful.
Road closures - G8 Justice & Home Affairs meeting

As you may already know, Sheffield is hosting the UK Presidency G8 Justice &
Home Affairs Ministerial Meeting from 15-17th June.  Consequently, the
Council and South Yorkshire Police have agreed some road closures to
accommodate security needs for the meeting.  These closures will mean no
access for vehicles.  These are: 

1) Roads around the Marriott Hotel, the main venue for the meeting, will be
closed from Monday 13th June, specifically Kenwood Road.  

2) The Winter Garden and Millennium Galleries will host a formal welcome
reception on the evening of Wednesday 15th June.  Several roads around the
venue will be closed; Surrey Street from its junction with Norfolk Street
down to Arundel Gate will close from 12 noon (pedestrian access will also be
limited), Norfolk Street will close from 4.00pm (this will not affect the
rear entrance to the Town Hall, but you may want to use the front entrance
instead), and Arundel Gate from 6.00pm.  Central Library will close at
4.00pm, and access to the library will be just from the Children's Library
entrance on Arundel Gate from 12 noon.  The Graves Art Gallery will close
earlier than normal.  The Winter Garden and Millennium Galleries will be
closed all day on the 15th June.

3) The Cutlers' Hall will host a Gala Dinner on the evening of Thursday 16th
June.  Again several roads around the venue will close from 6.00pm onwards
including Church Street, High Street, Fargate, York Street and several side
roads.  Supertram will terminate at Castle Square and Hanover Way for both
inward and outbound journeys from 6.00pm on the 16th.

Other than these limited local restrictions on the particular dates the
remainder of the City Centre will operate as normal.  Council services
provided from the Town Hall, Howden House, Derwent House, Redvers House and
other central locations should be unaffected and will operate in the usual

If you work or have meetings in the city centre on these days, you may want
to plan your journey home from work on the 15th and 16th June so that you
set off before 6.00pm, before most of the road closures become effective. 

I am sure you will agree that for an event of this type and scale the level
of disruption to the city is relatively minimal and certainly manageable.
The event presents another wonderful chance for us to showcase Sheffield
nationally and internationally, with around 150 of the world's media and
over 200 delegates and officials from the G8 countries in the city for three
days. This meeting will bring both economic benefit to the city and a boost
to Sheffield's profile. 

If you have any queries about these arrangements or the event itself please
contact Mick Crofts at  michael.crofts at sheffield.gov.uk or 27 34022, or
Natasha Wagstaff at natasha.wagstaff at sheffield.gov.uk 
or 20 39079. 

Please will you pass on the information in this briefing to any colleagues
who don't have access to this email.

Best wishes
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