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(just forwarding this interesting letter from colleagues)

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> One thing that wasn't discussed in any detail at last weekend's gathering
> (due to time constraints), was keeping a log of all incidents of
> intelligence gathering/harassment by police in the run up to the summit.
> While not suggesting the police are in any way as joined up as they like
> to think, i think it would be useful in geting a global picture of their
> activities, particular forms of intelligence gathering, who they are
> questioning, whats asked etc. This will inform our post-summit meeting
> much better and also may be useful in the longer term possibly as evidence
> if any legal actions are set in motion on harassment, ECHR etc...
> Below for instance is info someone forwarded to the G8 email about a
> fishing expedition SB had in Lancaster, on the pretext of the George Fox
> Six activists...
> ============================================
> ... In connection with those investigations [the "George Fox Six"], we had
> knocking on our doors by some Special Branch outfit that is known to local
> animal rights activists and they asked for names of our friends - i.e.,
> asking me for my friends, my friends for me and so on -
> obviously in part knowing individuals and in part mappiong out who works
> with who. They went to someone's work place and a colleague of hers was
> forthcoming in providing info about our social centre (which belongs to
> the workers' cooperative health food shop in which they work) and so on.
> They then called him in his home and asked him about what he knew about
> the G8 and related activities.
> We havent seen them since and as such it seemed like mere intimidation,
> but certainly also like a process of collecting names, addresses and
> relations.... they asked my girl friend if she was my girl friend when
> she opened the doorm they asked about her accent and they have generally
> been very intimidating.... that is about it... it happened a few months
> ago...
> hope that helps!
> ============================================
> (ADDITIONAL INFO: https://www4.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/05/310827.html //
> http://www.free-webspace.biz/GeorgeFox/ //
> http://www.thisisthelakedistrict.co.uk/news/lancscitizen/kendallancsnews/display.var.591177.0.we_are_being_gagged.php
> )
> =========================================
> Anyone up for keeping a file of these kinds of reports in one place?
> Dermot
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