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I checked out Chris's link: How to spin the G8 which was interesting
http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/05/311469.html, followed some
other links and came across this new book: Arguments Against G8 (see

I was thinking of getting a copy but then thought it might be worth
getting several if anyone else is interested. Could sell some at
stalls etc.. too perhaps..??

Anyone else want a copy?



Arguments Against G8
Edited by Gill Hubbard and David Miller
May 2005/ 264pp / Pb £11.99 / $19.95 / 0745324207

--With Noam Chomsky, George Monbiot, Susan George, Mark Curtis,
Caroline Lucas and many others--

'One of the most important books in recent years. ... This book draws
together some of the most brilliant analysts in the world. I cannot
recommend it highly enough.' Robert W. McChesney, author, The Problem
of the Media

'The G8 runs what South African president Thabo Mbeki and others
describe as 'global apartheid'. ... He -- and everyone else -- should
read this superb book, and then help abolish, not polish, the chains
of global apartheid.' Trevor Ngwane, Organising Secretary of the
Anti-Privatisation Forum, Johannesburg

'This book reminds us brilliantly that, far from ending poverty,
today's political elites are the chief creators of human want, war and
ecological disaster. ... If you care about our future, read this
book.' John McAllion, Oxfam Scotland

This is a one-stop guide for anyone who wants to know more about the
G8, what it is, and why it's a problem. Leading writers and activists
including Noam Chomsky, George Monbiot, Susan George, Mark Curtis and
Caroline Lucas explain in brief, succinct chapters, what is wrong with
the G8 neo-liberal agenda and propose alternatives.

Chapters cover G8 attitudes to the key issues: war, corporate power,
climate change, immigration, trade, debt, food. Ideal for anyone who
is troubled by the current direction set by our world leaders, this
book is also a great tool for activists.

Independent grassroots news: www.sheffield.indymedia.org.uk

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