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Chris chris at aktivix.org
Wed May 25 01:08:33 BST 2005


This sounds like it'll be good, I'll add it to the G8

They don't have a venue yet, Greentop and Sheffield
Independant File are a couple of places they are going to
look at.

Also they are looking for other people to join in, this is
from a irc chat:

00:57 < twentytwelve> it would be good if we can find a
                      venue that we could also have a video 
00:57 < twentytwelve> or if not, we can project videos, 
00:58 < twentytwelve> it might be nice if someone your end
                      can take care of this?
00:58 <@r7>           vid or dvd?
00:58 < twentytwelve> we can bring our own, but it might
                      be quite cool if there was a local 
00:59 < twentytwelve> dvd, wotever. visuals. like. 
00:59  * twentytwelve makes radio
01:00 < twentytwelve> but what will be possible will
                      depend a little on the venue, clearly
01:01 <@chrisc>       yeah, somone in sheffield might be on for
01:01 < twentytwelve> the intention of the tour is musically 
                      also to be somewhere between a gig and a 


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--the 2012 show
the end of the world...
and the beginning

Musicians, artists and others from Resonance FM and elsewhere are creating
'the biggest band in the world' from now until the next time the G8 land
in the UK.

On tour (see below)
between now and July, creating a space to expand peoples' minds...to see &
hear things differently. They are looking for freaky rebels &
revolutionaries to take the floor with them, to perform in one way or
another. Places where the periphery is centralised and where the outliers
can find others, connect with groups, and find inspiration...and join this
summer's mobilisation.

This doesn't end in Gleneagles...the struggle will
be long. First post-G8 date is planned in mid-July - we hope to see people
who spent time with each other this summer, meeting up with each other
again then.

on CD:
a great CD  is available to you for your fundraising for the mobilisation.
If you'd like copies please drop us a line, saying who you are and how
many you'd like.

2012 show on tour

Sun 22 May

Sat 28 May

Sun 5 June

tbc Nottingham

Sat 11 June

12.13,14 June

Sat 18 June

Sat 25 June

Sat 9 July

mid July

DETAILS of VENUES on www.2012show.org

if you want to
-join us, perform, VJ etc
-distribute your propaganda
-play videos,
-use the venue for workshops, film showing etc in the afternoon
-sell the CDs
please contact us
info at 2012show.org


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