[g8-sheffield] Penned in? Lets make something of it Legall action on g8 protest ban please read

zerosevenfour two zerosevenfourtwo at hotmail.co.uk
Wed May 25 13:46:08 BST 2005

Here i agree with atw on this. However i also feel very stongly that if wo 
go that path the police ie the state have won. As this will no doubt end up 
in a clash and there thay have gained there agenda to discredit us lot. My 
thoughts are if we are going to be penned in then lets make use of this. Now 
think all of those who are are there are a wareing handcuffs and with hand,s 
behind there backs kneeling down. We can go for mouths or heads coverd in 
hoods. This i feel will be a very powerfull image.

The same thought on legall action has been going past in my mind and i have 
taken steps to see what can be done. Idd be happy to take this forword.

Ill speak with people further dureing today gather there thoughts etc..


Those who have got a copy of this need further background then goto

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