[g8-sheffield] Re: Penned in? Lets make something of it Legall action on g8 protest ban please read

amparo amparo.gutierrez at tiscali.co.uk
Thu May 26 00:11:45 BST 2005

Thank you...

Speaking only for myself, i will follow the agenda scheduled by Sir Bob, 
i support your idea of a theatrical action, aimed at the main audience 
(security forces): some powerful images like being tarred and feathered, 
powerful colours, perhaps better if no fun at all, (repression)

or: you could also associate with the metaphor and symbolism of the 
"poverty banquet" (excellent).:
or with the symbolism of mourning (dead , the war).
let us know please

zerosevenfour two wrote:
> Here i agree with atw on this. However i also feel very stongly that if 
> wo go that path the police ie the state have won. As this will no doubt 
> end up in a clash and there thay have gained there agenda to discredit 
> us lot. My thoughts are if we are going to be penned in then lets make 
> use of this. Now think all of those who are are there are a wareing 
> handcuffs and with hand,s behind there backs kneeling down. We can go 
> for mouths or heads coverd in hoods. This i feel will be a very 
> powerfull image.
> The same thought on legall action has been going past in my mind and i 
> have taken steps to see what can be done. Idd be happy to take this 
> forword.
> Ill speak with people further dureing today gather there thoughts etc..
> 0742
> Those who have got a copy of this need further background then goto
> http://lists.aktivix.org/pipermail/g8-sheffield/2005-May/thread.htm
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