[g8-sheffield] Right to protest

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Fri May 27 01:05:14 BST 2005


We need to find out if they're using Terrorism Act powers from the 2001 
act to ban the protest.  (E.g. remember Dsei? See 
http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardianpolitics/story/0,,1039522,00.html )

Or if not, what else they're using to ban us.  I think Jillian's on the 

Btw - big huge enourmous thanks to Jillian.  Do we see any other local 
councilor, official, solicitor - or anyone, in fact, in a position to 
really help - fighting and working so hard?

(Of course, she might not thank me for saying so if she ends up on some 
CIA blacklist and can never run for US president!)


atw wrote:

>JS> G8 summit: Sheffield people denounce suppression of the right to protest.
>In one debate I got involved in today someone pointed out that we
>don't actually have a right to protest and never have had.
>JS> The police have invoked special powers to prevent protests,
>Do we know what powers have been invoked yet? As far as I can see with
>Derby they (mis)used the Public Order Act of 1986. Not so much a
>'special power' but an abuse of a law which they had no justification
>for using.

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