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Flex, temp, casual and contortionist workers, benefit claimers, full-time
wage slaves & work refusers, New Dealers, pensioners, migrants, students,
part-timers, dreamers, duckers & divers… Bring noise, music and friends for
action against the G8 that expresses our resistance in work, out of work 
wherever we live. Assert our desires for FULL ENJOYMENT with some fun in 
city — let’s begin to make capitalism history!

The G8
Since the G8 last met in the UK in 1998 with economic restructuring high on
the agenda, we’ve seen more social cuts, privatisation and compulsory work
schemes in Europe and beyond. This is part of a continuing enclosure of
resources and means of living — such as water, land and housing — around 
world. Now the G8 leaders meeting in Gleneagles claim to address concerns
about climate chaos and world poverty. But they really aim to strengthen 
system at the root of these conditions, and to find more efficient ways of
managing, exploiting and enclosing us. We can only stop it by abolishing a
profit-based economy; by dismantling the states and borders that divide us.

Up our street
You don’t have to go to Gleneagles to see international capitalism at 
work —
it’s here on our high streets. The bailiff knocking on your door is a
not-so-distant cousin of the cartel forcing peasants off their common land
on the other side of the world. Whole industries such as banks and loan and
insurance companies thrive on indebtedness as people struggle to make ends
meet. Private and government agencies try to force claimants to accept the
first low-paid job that comes along or to work full-time as a condition of
benefit — they even intend to put pensioners to work under the slogan of
‘active ageing’! Army recruiters target unemployed youth for ‘economic
conscription’ with the help of job centres. Other companies pressure 
to accept insecure contracts, lower benefits, more work and stress; still
others make a packet exploiting refugees who are isolated from fellow
workers by racism and the border regime.

Claiming what’s ours
Whether we are waged or unwaged, we are faced with isolation and a lack of
collective power. We can overcome this by supporting each other in
workplaces — without waiting for permission from trade union bureaucrats —
and by reaching beyond each workplace to find new ways of cooperating,
struggling and living. In job centres, on New Deal schemes, at work — let’s
share information and take what’s ours on the streets, in the shops, on
public transport. They say that time is money. Steal some today. Call in
sick, go on strike, take an extra-long lunchbreak! Meet friends from far
away and next door to confront, conspire and celebrate together. When we
claim Job Seekers Allowance, we’re told to ’actively seek’ work. But we
actively seek the end of a system of this system based on profits for a 
and we work towards a global community based on freedom and cooperation.
Contact: Carnival for Full Enjoyment dissentagainstwork at yahoo.co.uk

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