[g8-sheffield] Re: PUBLICITY + IMC + Convergence

Helen and Nick slendermeans1 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat May 28 13:30:47 BST 2005

Might need a volunteer to pick 'em up from Leeds next

Helpful if people could suggest contacts in other
cities to send them too.

Starting to write the IMC article for Sheffield (and
hopefully the UK site too) today. Will mention details
of places to stay - is the Plaza available from Wed
15th or before? Some people have said before but
publicly we seem to be saying Wed.

I spoke to some people from London at the Dissent
gather last week and they have a centre for
internationals to stay when they get into the UK
early. I think if all goes to plan work on convergence
sites in Scotland starts around w/c 20th June so
people will be going up to volunteer. Sheffield links
the two so might be worth contacting London groups to
let them know.

--- fabian <fab at in-no.org> wrote:
> Hello.
> > We think the group would struggle to put up more
> than
> > 1000 posters in 2 weeks.
> true, but what about Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham,
> Liverpool?
> > Also some A2 would be good - but if this was the
> only
> > format we could not get them put up in shops etc
> as
> > they are so big. Our recommendation is to run off
> 1000
> > A3
> lets do an addtional 500 A2 straight away in Leeds,
> not waiting, as time
> is short.
> > (4) Budget:  Assuming we have £220 left:
> there is another £50 (came in on wednesday as
> donation from soundsystem)
> Fabian
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