[imc-sheffield] Re: [g8-sheffield] G8 Sheffield Live Radio?

chip chiapas at riseup.net
Sat May 28 14:09:54 BST 2005


fabian said:
> I'd be really up for it...and think its a great idea...

cool - the more peeps on board the better.

> But is it parallel to G8 or afterwards?

SheffieldLive starts on June 14th and runs for about 4 weeks.

> We could advertise the frequency on our publicity...


> and play some great music...I could do sommat on migration in advance.

a little bit of music always smooths things out but the usual emphasis is
on speech content as so many shows just play music and 60 minutes goes
quite quickly.  we might be able to find some content from Radio4All and
other sites like that mixed up with local stuff.

> Someone else?

hopefully, yes.

> Fabian


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