[g8-sheffield] Practicalities

Dan dan at aktivix.org
Tue May 31 13:50:28 BST 2005


Yeah - keeping this list for practicalities.  We've said it before, but 
it's easy to slip into bad habits!

It really is a positive group: everyone's been working so hard.  
Something's gonna happen and, in the best traditions of autonomous 
action, no-one exactly knows what!  Cool...

Idea coming up...


dougald hine wrote:

>KH > I'm getting a little disillusioned about this.
>Sorry to hear this. Thanks for saying it rather than just opting out
>of the list.
>I'm not aware of acrimonious divisions among those on this list - but
>there has been a lot of spirited debate in the last couple of days,
>maybe it reads like we're more divided than we are. We don't have to
>agree on everything to work together effectively.
>With two weeks to go, maybe we should take the political theory (and
>I'm as guilty as anyone) somewhere else and use this list for
>discussing the practicalities.
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