[g8-sheffield] Prayers and New-Agers, Socialists and Hydrolic-Despots.

dougald hine writetodougald at gmail.com
Tue May 31 12:53:09 BST 2005

KH > I'm getting a little disillusioned about this.

Sorry to hear this. Thanks for saying it rather than just opting out
of the list.

I'm not aware of acrimonious divisions among those on this list - but
there has been a lot of spirited debate in the last couple of days,
maybe it reads like we're more divided than we are. We don't have to
agree on everything to work together effectively.

With two weeks to go, maybe we should take the political theory (and
I'm as guilty as anyone) somewhere else and use this list for
discussing the practicalities.

Dougald Hine
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