[g8-sheffield] Prayers and New-Agers, Socialists and Hydrolic-Despots.

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Tue May 31 13:59:32 BST 2005

K.H Wrote
I'm getting a little disillusioned about this. I am very proud to say I am
not a member of any political or religious body.

Reply i have been disillusioned all my life and more so in the last few 
weeks all of this leaves an ugly feeling of deep anger and then the middle 
class and there lackeys spend a night laughing at the working class for not 
being inteligant. i will defend my class the working class drunk or not 
drunk no matter what i would have said and done the same with or with out 
drink inside of me sometimes the lackeys can not be ignored and have to be 
challanged even though you become the fool because you are not as 
artitculate as them.

K.H Wrote
I don't want to join the socialists or the pentecostals.

Reply nither do i desire to become a member of there bullshit and lets 
remeber the rumours and lies misinfomation are a means thay use to divde and 
rule us. just so sad the likes of atw and others beleve some of there own 
propaganada. if only people looked behond there own ignorance we might have 
a mass movement instaed of this sectarian shit. said it befor nither the swp 
make poverty hisitory what ever brand are my enamy but capitlism that 
subdegates us.

K.H Wrote
It seems more like recruitment than peaceful protest that is being planned 

Reply and yes true but we need to look further into why this might be and 
move from that base. though it angers me that groups see all of this as a 
means of join us our brand is better than the other brand. if you look at 
this in the perspective of cuilts you begin to understand why people and 
groups are like thay are.

K.H Wrote
I'll walk into Sheffield but I'm not taking sides among factions of divided 
protesters or saying prayers to anyone elses god and I don't like the idea 
of being branded with any new-age label.

Reply and nither will i join in this bullshit. though at times i find myself 
acting out the patterns of behavour becuase i have the need to be liked like 
the rest of us. is this not a social club for the disturbed? there for 
should we not disturb the comfertable and start to comfert the disturbed?

K.H Wrote
As a citizen of this town, island, planet, galaxy I'm prepared to stand up 
among the free thinkers but that's where it ends

Reply and i could not help myself and reply because Kathleen Holliday has 
spoken so much truth in her observations and i thank her for doing so.


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