[g8-sheffield] Hydrolic-Despots and Demonstration

Kathleen Holliday noworris at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue May 31 14:48:03 BST 2005

"I have been disillusioned all my life and more so in the last few 
weeks all of this leaves an ugly feeling of deep anger and then the middle 
class and there lackeys spend a night laughing at the working class for not 
being inteligant. i will defend my class the working class drunk or not 
drunk no matter what i would have said and done the same with or with out 
drink inside of me sometimes the lackeys can not be ignored and have to be 
challanged even though you become the fool because you are not as 
artitculate as them."

There is no class unless you make it yourself, you are the same and as good as any other person born on this planet. Wealth is defined by "society" as being in possession of material things but your real wealth is your TIME which you sell and trade in. 

The materially rich need the poor in order to exist. This link posted by Dan says it all http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,1495676,00.html

"our brand is better than the other brand" Our politicians are all in the same club, have business lunches together and then hold public debates and elections after making their decisions in private. It's a shame that they don't listen to the voices of their own people.

Violence is not going to do any good except to justify the same extreme counter-reactions that we are protesting against. 

Groups are easier to target and as a member of a group with spokesmen and leaders, each member loses their standing as a free thinker and it can easily become a mob mentality. 

In the Ukraine, the ordinary people went out on the streets spontaneously and false election results were reversed. http://www.theorangerevolution.com/orangerevolution.html

Sorry for airing my personal views but I felt it was necessary ~ Kathy

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