[g8-sheffield] Prayers and New-Agers, Socialists and Hydrolic-Despots.

zerosevenfour two zerosevenfourtwo at hotmail.co.uk
Tue May 31 16:28:19 BST 2005

are we not here do we not feel how we do because we desire to change all of 
this.. no you are right Kathleen and you need not say sorry for expressing 
yourself and if only (and i do include myself in this) we could all be as 
honest with each other then who knows where we might find ourselfs.

K.H Wrote
There is no class unless you make it yourself, you are the same and as good 
as any other person born on this planet. Wealth is defined by "society" as 
being in possession of material things but your real wealth is your TIME 
which you sell and trade in.

Reply yes idd agree however we need to understand this a class based world 
and it hurts when i see mebers of my class in the mess thay are. no it 
angers me makes me cry inside when i see how fucked up and dumbed down the 
working class have become. blair got into power on 22 per cent what is this 
message. why is there not a mass movement?.

one is sure as one can be if there was a mass movement as organised as thay 
was dureing the strike of 84 and the poll tax the murding basterds of the g8 
would not dare comes to sheffield.

as it stands all our good old sectarian disagrements i feel are playing into 
the apathy of the working class and ask yourself if you was thinking of 
becomeing active and doing something and you know what you know about the 
politics of the left would you still consder doing so?


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