[g8-sheffield] Re: MPH and police

@mp amparo2yo at telefonica.net
Tue May 31 15:53:30 BST 2005

> Basically the BGG weren't to get the go ahead for the gathering
> unless they 'invited' the cops there to search people. This also cost
> the gathering a substantial amount of money (to the police) which was
> added onto to higher ticket prices.
> Such "conspiracies" are going on all the time.

Catching up on the conspiracies, please find attached article from LA's
journalist backing up the so-called TOP conspirational theory right now.
(Hi, zamoz!)
Dan you'll also enjoy reading it.
Well something is clear to me: if i went to Devonshire Green in good faith
and they searched me (having been previously labelled as a good protester,
) i wouldn't like it at all...


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