[g8-sheffield] Norwich Union Admin Vacancy - Infirmary Road.

Adam Murray awj_hff at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 10 20:48:03 GMT 2006

Dear Mr Jones,

Further to my telephone conversation with you earlier today, please find 
attatched a copy of my C.V.

I didn't get the chance to mention earlier that I currently work at Norwich 
Union within their  Individual Pensions area of the business.  I am based at 
the Pamona Busines Centre just off Ecllesall road.

I began work there earlier this year whilst working under Kelly's services.  
After six months, i began an offical Norwich Union Contract on 1 January 

However, my reasons for taking an interest in this vacancy is simple.  Just 
before christmas my head of department announced that come June 2006, all of 
Norwich Unions Individual Pensions business would be off-shored to India.  
This has has made confirmed the current unstable nature within the pensions 
sector of the industry.  I am simply looking for a more stable area of 
business and feel that my experience within Norwich union could be 

I would be pleased to come and visit your offices and discuss matters 

Please do not hesitate to contact me at work or via my mobile number, 
details of which are listed below and on my C.V.

Yours sincerely

Adam Murray

Mobile:  0778 093 8766
Work:   0114 208 8498

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