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Please sign the petition for greater income equality in Sheffield

Recent research has found that more equal societies do better in almost
every way. Once a country gets wealthy enough to address basic needs, the
best way to improve health, happiness, education, and many other things
besides, is to have a lower gap between those who are paid the most, and
those who are paid the least. This helps everyone feel they have an equal
part to play. It creates one society, instead of a divided society.

The Sheffield Equality Group are collecting signatures to ask Sheffield
Council, as the organisation responsible to the Sheffield people, to take
the lead in promoting income equality. We are asking Sheffield Council to
implement a pay structure so that the highest wage paid (FTE) is no more
than ten times the lowest wage paid (FTE). Therefore, we are calling on the
executive management team to voluntarily reduce their own pay, so, for
example, the pay for the Chief Executive would reduce by around 25%, from
£181k per year to around £135k per year.


Please sign the petition. We will present it to Sheffield Council in
October, and use it to raise the importance of greater income equality in
the city.

For more details on the Sheffield Equality Group, go to our website:

Petition FAQ

"What good would those at the top being paid less do?"
Reducing the pay at the top so everyone is rewarded more equally has been
shown to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for everyone. That is set out
in a great deal of research, including in the award winning book "The Spirit
Level". For more, see the national Equality Trust website (

"But shouldn't it be about low-paid people being paid more?"
Having a decent wage is important too, that's why the Equality Trust
supports a Living Wage (http://www.fairpaynetwork.org/)

"How many Sheffield Council staff earn less than a tenth of the Chief
There are 6392 council employees who earn less than a tenth than the Chief
Executive (i.e. less than £18,100 per year if they worked full-time), that's
over a third of the 17,942 people who work for the council (including
schools but not including agency staff or contracted out services).

"Surely there are other Chief Execs that are being paid more?"
It's not just about Sheffield Council. Income needs to become more equal
across all companies and organisations. There are other companies and
organisations in Sheffield where the head is paid more than the Chief Exec
of Council. But as the body directly accountable to the Sheffield people, we
are asking the Council first.

"Why have a go at public services when they are being cut back?"
It's not about attacking public services, the Equality Trust is in favour of
the Robin Hood Tax (www.robinhoodtax.org.uk), and other measures that would
sustain public services, because cuts in public services will hurt those in
need the most.
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