[Hacklabs] invites and related issues

flawer flawer at shareful.be
Thu Jun 6 13:12:17 UTC 2013

> paralelly i sent a message there at the spa list this morning but it 
> didn't reach the list.

it reached that, a bit later. no prob.

> i don't want to do twist thinking, but there is a chance of a twisted 
> happening on the backstage at
> hacklabs.org impeding things happening.

there's definetely a silent boicot from old guys who admin "lots" and 
care not that much. there was yet another ignored dump for someone else 
having admin rights for improving the "abandoned" hacklabs.org site.

so i have suggested to modify dns at spa list, let's see the if the 
domain guy is a free person or not. 2/3 days time for next move.

otherwise there will be a proposed fork way for dignity at least, an 
active global hacklabs network still makes sense in the 2013+, further 
hackerspaces, etc action scope.

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