[Hacklabs] invites and related issues

David Francos me at davidfrancos.net
Thu Jun 6 13:44:28 UTC 2013

2013/6/6 flawer <flawer at shareful.be>

>  paralelly i sent a message there at the spa list this morning but it
>> didn't reach the list.
> it reached that, a bit later. no prob.
>  i don't want to do twist thinking, but there is a chance of a twisted
>> happening on the backstage at
>> hacklabs.org impeding things happening.
> there's definetely a silent boicot from old guys who admin "lots" and care
> not that much. there was yet another ignored dump for someone else having
> admin rights for improving the "abandoned" hacklabs.org site.
Nope, I was already admin, just not been notified about it xD
The stuff is, hackerspaces place is currently broken, it needs someone on
sindominio to have a look at it, I'll try reaching but it's a drupal FIVE,
and that's probably going to need LOTS of hours to re-do completly the
hackerspaces page. =(

> so i have suggested to modify dns at spa list, let's see the if the domain
> guy is a free person or not. 2/3 days time for next move.

Dude, the hackerspaces site is hosted on SD, there's no need for that...

> otherwise there will be a proposed fork way for dignity at least, an
> active global hacklabs network still makes sense in the 2013+, further
> hackerspaces, etc action scope.
> Well, current hackerspaces place might be as well considered dead (try
opening hacklabs.org/en xD), but you know, things are usually slow. Be
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