[Hacklabs] invites and related issues

David Francos me at davidfrancos.net
Thu Jun 6 16:52:02 UTC 2013

2013/6/6 flawer <flawer at shareful.be>

> i'm already admin, just i didn't notify
> well, nice. you should have told and i wont have sent that message there
I asked yesterday and I'm busy.

>  Dude, the hackerspaces site is hosted on SD, theres no need for
>> that...
> when you mean hackerspaces you may mean hacklabs.org , please hacklabs
> are not equal to hackerspaces, otherwise we shouldnt need this list.

Yep, hacklabs, I'm in hackerspaces list too, reading that one and got the
name misplaced.
Wich is understandable.

> i don't like sindominio host anyway, it's not been neutral for hacklabs or
> for hackmeeting projects, and also we have to rotate.
Nah, that's a personal impression. Your personal impression.
Have in account that agressivity and this kind of things can kill proyects
before they start.

> it'd be better to install a new flatpress or wordpress.

Or whatever, I don't care the software, as long as it's not a D5 (if drupal
can be avoided that'd be nice)
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