[Hacklabs] add a list of hacklabs on prism-break

flawer flawer at shareful.be
Tue Jun 25 18:18:03 UTC 2013

cool, i think that every hacklab should be an open place to help anyone 
with those learnings, probably not all the time but some times.

we should be putting link to that prism-break.org from hacklabs.org, 
but see also:




and we may learn from:


so is there not worth to make a working together effort for the 
classifying of such tools? where should i send my mum to? to any of them 
i guess... :)

ps. nicolas, try not sending a message to different lists at once (cos 
of bounces). "privative" is better than propietary, since there is also 
ownership in copyleft. but my english is dubious......

El 2013-06-25 16:50, Nicolás Reynolds escribió:
> hi o/
> we just made this propposal on prism-break, what do you think?
>> # Add a list of hacklabs/hackerspaces where you can get help
>> That's it. I'm from a hacklab on Buenos Aires and we're happy to 
>> help
>> people use the software recommended on prism-break. I'm guessing 
>> other
>> hacklabs too, it would be good to have a section linking to them :)
>> -- https://github.com/nylira/prism-break/issues/158

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