[Hacklabs] add a list of hacklabs on prism-break

Nicolás Reynolds fauno at endefensadelsl.org
Tue Jun 25 18:37:09 UTC 2013

flawer <flawer at shareful.be> writes:

> cool, i think that every hacklab should be an open place to help anyone 
> with those learnings, probably not all the time but some times.

i think we'll make a pull request on prism-break and open the
opportunity to any space :)

> we should be putting link to that prism-break.org from hacklabs.org, 
> but see also:
> https://techtoolsforactivism.org/
> &
> http://libreprojects.net/


i was also pointed at 


and there's also the cryptoparty handbook in english and spanish


> and we may learn from:
> http://alternativeto.net/
> so is there not worth to make a working together effort for the 
> classifying of such tools? where should i send my mum to? to any of them 
> i guess... :)
> ps. nicolas, try not sending a message to different lists at once (cos 
> of bounces). "privative" is better than propietary, since there is also 
> ownership in copyleft. but my english is dubious......

i know, sorry.  i meant to cc my own lab but they're impatient and
started replying :P

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