[HacktionLab] Hacktionlab Digest, Vol 15, Issue 1

Jim Dog theinnercityhippy at riseup.net
Wed Jul 1 13:44:42 BST 2009

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> Are any of you thinking of coming to our camp?
> It will not be far from where the Hacktionlab gathering was earlier this
> year.
> We need to inspire people with the idea of being and creating the media
> in Wales.

This is great and I'll support it in any way I can, though I'll need to
know the dates as we've got a lot on up here for the next few months,
but we can offer other help and advice on getting set up even if I can't
make it to the event. I'd really like to come and if I can I can bring
the necessary equipment, but it's getting time off work etc which may be
a problem. In any case, I can provide you with a kitlist and I'm sure we
can easily get a working website up and running in time somehow for a
"be the media" access point, since Wales doesn't currently have an IMC.
Are you maybe thinking about setting this up?

> Are you reading this Jimdog?
> I met you at HB and we spoke about setting up independent indymedia set ups
> but I have lost your email.

Course I'm reading it, this is where all the exciting bits of the
internet go on ;-) You can get in touch with our collective at
imc-northern-contact at lists.indymedia.org and an email you can contact
me directly on is theinnercityhippy at riseup.net

Good luck

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