[HacktionLab] crypto CD

ana anap at riseup.net
Fri Jul 3 00:06:19 BST 2009

Alan Dawson wrote:
> I recollect that at the recent hacktion meetup we had a session on tools for activists to increase security.
> There was a some talk of developing a live cd that could be used that would allow anonymisation, security,
> I remember now that I've heard of this before, and found the link
> http://www.cryptocd.org/
> Its mostly german, and perhaps a little old now.  But if people are really keen to develop a secure live distro, this could be a good starting point.
> I think it is developed by systemausfall.org

I guess it needs to 1. be translated into English and 2. be workable in
at least 2 or 3 different operating systems (including windows...) no?

I'm more inclined for a text version like riseup have done... have
actually put adapting it for a wider audience in my to do list



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