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Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Thu Mar 19 10:05:00 GMT 2009

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Hey gdm,

>> What's NVDA?
> non-violent direct action

Doh.  Of course :P

> i have a ready-to-roll security workshop that i have run before and
> could send you the info. unfortunately, i don't have time to do it
> before the g20... although i ran part of it recently at the
> internetforactivists conference that happened in london last
> weekend. oftentimes, i find that pointing out the issues, then

you up for doing the workshop at hacktionlab then gdm?  :)

> pointing people in the direction of 'good' sites like indymedia or
> aktivix that take security considerations seriously, is a good
> approach. the problem is that these things often take time to become
> established ideas, so better to hit people with them whenever you can.


> also: mike, ben - are you using gpg yet? ;-)

i do, honest i do, well I've had it for donkey's years, but due to noone
else using it I never bother having the signatures switched on.  crap
excuse I know.  So from now on consider me jossled on the topic :)

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