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I have an N96 and have been able to upload content to a server using
putty (the source code and app is available from the project website).
There are also quite a few apps about to upload photo's or send video as
an mms/email to a mailbox that is configured to process and publish it

If it's a server you have shell access to there's no reason why an ssh
tunnel couldn't be used to stream with a bit of fiddling on the server
side I would have thought? or am I wide of the mark?

I've streamed video from the camera on a nokia n800 using gstreamer as
the nokia tablets run a linux OS (maemo) but have had a job connecting
directly to the 3g network with it using a dongle. It can be paired to a
phone using bluetooth though but there's the obvious speed/security

There's also a load of apps to upload to shites like youtube about. The
problem is that the n96 runs a symbian OS which isn't open source so
you'd have to fiddle around with a proprietary software development kit
to write something specific. That said, if you can find an app written
in Java, it should work fine.

I have been working on something similar in the past but it's gone on
the back burner a bit whilst I work on other projects.

As for where to get one, try places like cex or second hand phone
shops/ebay but be careful for anything that says chinese/asian edition
as these are clones which are not made by nokia and don't have any of
the functionality of the original



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> Any one got any experience uploading camera phone video to the net
> using something like a Nokia N95?
> ie. Shoot high quality video on a good camera phone and upload to the
> net using the same phone via 3G
> I'd love to speak to somebody whose done this using an N95 or has
> another way to do it.
> Also, can you stream live video this way or just shoot then upload?
> Ben
> ps. Anyone got a N95 they want to sell?

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