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Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Wed Sep 16 18:46:09 BST 2009

Nice one JimDog, I've responded to your thread.

I suggest we take this discussion into Crabgrass and leave it off the list.

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Jim Dog wrote:
> Hi.
> I put this up on crabgrass late last night then realised that not
> everyone might check it very often so I'll send it here as well.
> The thread is up at:
> https://we.riseup.net/hacktionlab/autumn-hacktionlab
> If people maybe want to reply there?
> JimDog
> ----------------
> Hi All.
> Just realised that I meant to put this up as a discussion but hey ho.
> Was wondering if people are still up for coming to an autumn Hacklab up
> in the grim north? If so I’d like to volunteer getting it sorted out up
> in sunny Bradford at the 1 in 12 club. My thoughts were to have a
> combined UK Indymedia meeting and Hacklab like last year if people are
> up for this? There’s obviously been lots of changes happening this year
> so there’s loads of geeky stuff in the pipeline that are crying out for
> some skillsharing.
> If people are up for it, does anyone have any ideas as to dates that
> would be good? October is pretty backed up with preparations for the
> Ratcliffe Swoop but maybe November or December? If it’s at the club it
> could be pretty all in one event, as there is the cafe upstairs with an
> internet connection and projector for workshops, and a members
> bar/events floor downstairs for evening stuff. We could probably work
> out enough crash space between us as well as food.
> So yeah, are there enough people up for this to make it worthwhile? If
> so, I’ll need to find a weekend I can book the cafe out for so could do
> with knowing asap.
> Maybe reply to this thread or on the list?
> Solidarity
> JimDog
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