[HacktionLab] Seeds for change traininng offer

llanos gorditazz at aktivix.org
Mon Aug 2 22:22:06 BST 2010

I just got this from Kebele mailing list. Seeds for change in Oxford  
are offering consensus and facilitation training. This kind of skills  
are always good to have I suppose. There also one on how to run a good  
workshop which might help for future hacktionlabs :)

Consensus and facilitation training

  Kebele co-op members recieved this training from Seeds for Change. It is
excellent and of real benefit to activists and all those engaged in
struggle (and lots of meetings!)


Seeds for Change have three workshops coming up this autumn:

~ Facilitating Consensus         (25 - 26 Sept 2010)
~ Consensus: in at the deep end  (8,9,10 Oct)
~ How to run a great workshop    (4 - 5 Dec)

For more details see below, or visit our website:

** Facilitating Consensus
Help your group make better decisions, become more democratic, and have
more fun! This workshop is for you if you have already participated in
consensus decision making meetings, and would now like to start, or to
gain more confidence in, facilitating your group’s meetings.

** Consensus: in at the deep end
Plunge into a deeper exploration of consensus and facilitation in
activist movements - whether in small or large groups, networks, open
or closed groups. This weekend is for people with experience of
facilitating consensus who want to deepen their skills and
understanding, to share problems and look for solutions.
  ~ This workshop is organised by Seeds for Change Network and
Rhizome Cooperative. http://www.rhizome.coop

** How to run a great workshop
Develop the skills and confidence to design and facilitate engaging and
participatory workshops for activist groups. This workshop is for you
if you have skills or information you want to share, or you want to
support people to learn from each other.

  These three workshops will be held in Oxford. We will provide low cost
  vegan meals and crash space.

What will it cost?
  These workshops are free to members of grassroots groups, but please
  consider making a donation of whatever amount you can afford. We are
  not for profit, so rest assured that any support you can give will go
  to supporting activists like you in the future.

What next?
  Contact us for more information or to book a place, on 01865 403 134
  or at oxford _AT_ seedsforchange.org.uk (replace _AT_ with @)

We can also offer your group training! We also work directly with
grassroots groups organising for action and positive social change.
We design our training and support to fit the needs of your group -
visit our website to get an idea of the training and support we
could offer your group directly.

Love and good wishes for your activism this summer...


Seeds for Change Oxford
01865 403 134 - www.seedsforchange.org.uk

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