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Sorry, all - forgot to edit the subject line in my previous message. I'm new

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> Hi Chris
> Sounds great! If only it wasn't in bloody London. That's a six-hour journey
> each way from here. :-(  Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool and
> Manchester are a couple of hours, and just as easy to get to from the rest
> of the country as London. [/rant]
> Ahem. Having got that off my chest: As a freelance individual loosely
> representing a local Transition initiative, which rate should I pay? And is
> there any cheap accommodation thereabouts? I'm a bit old and rickety to be
> crashing on sofas... :-)
> Cheers,
> Peter
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> Hello folks,
> We?re organising a conference on using the web for activism on 7th
> August in London. There will be inspiring talks on activist video,
> open source social media, hi-tech direct action and online democracy
> (to name a selection). And also spaces for open conversations with
> activists, technologists, NGO workers, thinkers and doers.
> Would be great to have some folks from HacktionLab/Barncamp there.
> You can register at: http://turnfront.com/dotactivist
> At dotActivist, we?ll break out of the well-rehearsed conversations
> about how online campaigning ?must be done? and explore exciting new
> possibilities involving emergent technologies and creative ideas.
> We?ll also hear about experiences from activists who have deployed
> some of these ideas in the field and learn from what works and what
> doesn?t.
> Along with the presentations, there will be plenty of time for
> networking and open conversations so that everyone can share their
> ideas and experience.
> We?re really looking forward to it, and we hope to see many of you there,
> Chris Anderson
> 7th August 2010 - The Hub, Kings Cross, London
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