[HacktionLab] IRC logging - what's the etiquette?

Charlie Harvey charlie at newint.org
Wed Apr 20 16:25:26 UTC 2011

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Personally, I run just irssi in a screen. You can have it log to a file
if you want, but I'm often on heavier traffic channels, so I usually
don't bother. That works fine for me for work and a bunch of freenode

On the subject of logs, I don't know if indymedia has a policy about
logging for personal use, so this is more generally what I reckon. I'd
say ask and also let people know that you are logging (you might want to
have your bot remind them periodically, but balance that against the
annoyingness of automated messages!). You ought to ask the channel op
first and ideally the rest of the folk on the channel too. Give people a
way of opting out of being logged if you can (a big fat ugly regexp in
your bot's logging logic would probably do). Keeping the logs encrypted
would be good, purging them frequently would be better. And definitely,
definitely don't make them public.


On 20/04/11 13:17, Mike Tonks wrote:
> I'm not a big irc user, so maybe some folks can advise.
> I'm interested in a couple of irc channels recently, some indymedia
> ones for organising the new bethemedia site, and some perl ones, well
> .. because I'm a perl geek.
> Seems like to follow a lot of irc channels you need to hang out for a
> while, so what's the best way to do this?  I thought of a few:
> 1) I guess with a desktop machine that's always on, I could leave
> chatzilla running or something - but I tend to turn my machine and my
> router off to save energy.
> 2) On a windows server (we have some of these at work) I could leave
> it running, but it looks like my work block the ports for irc.  I
> guess I could request them opened, but anyway I can't use a work
> server for indymedia stuff.
> 3) On a linux server I guess I could run irissi and maybe use screen
> or something to disconnect and come back to the session the next day
> or whatever (I've not tried this yet).
> 4) Then I found an easy irc bot (perl again) which will join the
> channel (or many channels) and sit there logging everything to a file
> other options?
> Now particularly option 4 feels a bit, I dunno, uncomfortable.
> Presumably if I told my bot to log on to ALL the channels on
> irc.indymedia.org and log them forever, this might upset a few people?
>  (I'm not planning to do this btw!)  Are there any guidelines on
> acceptable use?
> I notice irc.perl.org in the rules say 'no public logging' so I guess
> it's kinda ok to log for personal use...
> toughts?
> cheers,
> mike
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