[HacktionLab] online storage on email [was something else]

m3shrom m3shrom at riseup.net
Wed Aug 3 13:44:15 UTC 2011

So I use gmail a lot of the time - I admit it. I also did bad things to
a horse once. So sue me.

Here's my impression of why it's hard to get people to switch. Kind of a
devil's advocate thing for things which might come up in real life.


What is the alternative? aktivix and rise up have very limited email
quotas. Maybe they suit people who stay at home all the time, whose
computer never breaks down, who know how to make email back ups and
merge them etc. But how hard is that?

If you have a bit of a chaotic lifestyle surely gmail is your best bet?

What skills and organisation would you have to have to do things
differently? How long would it take to learn.

Case Study - My laptop is behaving strangely and I've 2 years of aktivix
email which isn't backed up. I also want to be able to search email
previously stored in yahoo which I don't use a lot. And I have a gmail
account I'd like to stop using. I'm getting a new netbook with limited
space on it. I want to be good and want to start again.
What's the best plan for me?
(this is actually a real case for me)

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