[HacktionLab] Let's discuss BarnCamp dates, Luddites' gathering and G8 clashes

Mike Harris mike at mbharris.co.uk
Fri Dec 7 13:10:44 UTC 2012

Hi All,

So the dates of BarnCamp have been set for the 13th - 17th June.  These
are the 'traditional' dates we've done it on, or rather it's the 2nd
full week in June start.

The observant among you will have noticed a bit of a clash with
something called the G8, which is going to be held in NI, near
Enniskellen, county Fermanagh on 17th-18th June.

We also thought there'd be a clash with the Luddites' gathering, but
they've now moved their date to 25th-28th July.

So, what to do?

Some options might be:

1) Sod the G8, it's in Northern Ireland, bugger any other things and
just carry on with BarnCamp, but perhaps have an anti-G8 focus as a kind
of counter-summit (contracumbre), and even run a media centre from BarnCamp.

2) Sod doing BarnCamp at the same time as the G8 and move the date of
BarnCamp way off into September 2013, right out of the way in other words.

3) Bring the date of BarnCamp forward by a weekend (if Highbury Farm are
happy with this).

4) Merge into the Luddites' gathering and do that as a BarnCamp-Luddites
combined event (if they're up for that).

5) And any of the above decisions would not preclude us taking part in
the Luddites' Gathering anyway.

There's pros and cons in all of those above. 

I propose then that we have a discussion on this list, then once it's
clear we have all the options on the table, move them to a decider and
vote on it.  Any seconders for that?

Please if you have any proposals or firm thoughts on this, can you
partake in a debate about it, as I think we all need to be on board to
make this decision.  Thanks.



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Subject: 	Gathering on politics of technology
Date: 	Fri, 7 Dec 2012 11:28:25 +0000 (GMT)
From: 	Ned Ludd <luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk>
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Dear Mike,

Here is a message we are sending out to a bunch of groups about our
gathering. We have decided to abandon June 13th-16th, and the most
likely date for ours now seems to be is July 25th - 28th that is also a
risky period for potential clashes, but again we are constrained y venue
availability. Has your group made any decision about your event?

As we may have mentioned to you Luddites200, Scientists for Global
Responsibility, Corporate Watch, and various others have been discussing
a 2013 gathering.  The purpose of this gathering would be to support
social and environmental movements by strengthening our awareness of
issues raised by science and technology in our campaigns, to support one
another and share information and skills, and further social and
environmental justice campaign work. We hope it will result in the
formation of an ongoing network of groups and organisations. We want the
whole gathering to function as a kind of joint working group, i.e. a
shared project rather than simply a 'festival of technology politics'.
Amongst the topics to be discussed will be some basic issues in the
politics of science and technology and discussions on the relevance of
the Luddites; presentation of experiences in different campaigns and
struggles, comparison in small groups; alternative visions of social and
technological development, and the transition to a sustainable and
socially just society; criteria for judging technologies and scientific
research agendas. In addition there will be activities not based around
talking and thinking, such as demonstrations and workshops on
craft-based production, poetry, music, walking etc.

So that this gathering can be a success we would like input from your
organisation, network, or you personally as an individual.

  * what dates would be ok in 2013 spring/summer for you?  what are
    important clashes that would prevent people you know from joining
    the event?
  * how could this event best support the work that you do?
  * can you suggest some possible venues, locations and resources to
    make the gathering happen?  Ideally the venue would be accessible to
    as many people as possible, so perhaps mid-England.
  * please give your feedback on some of the suggestions that have been
    made so far.

We are hoping to do a three day event where people arrive
on Thursday evening and leave later in the day on Sunday: a Thursday
night: Friday: Saturday: Sunday gathering.  We are hoping to keep the
costs as low as possible, and ask people to pay some money to cover food
and camping/housing costs (around £50 per person for the four day
event). We would like it to allow a broader range of people to
participate- for example disabled access, housing of some sort (perhaps
a hostel) for people who find it difficult to camp for health or other
reasons.  The venue should have at least one room that can hold 60-80

We think that together we could perhaps organize such a gathering for 50
to 80 grassroots activists.  But we need your help. If you could help in
anyway, even so simple as giving feedback on this proposal that would
allow this process to get started.  Obviously we are also keen for
enthusiastic groups and individuals to get involved in organising the
event.  You are welcome to join whatever becomes the eventual steering
or organising group that does the work to make this gathering
happen.  Get in touch at luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk
<mailto:luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk>
Kind Regards,
luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk <mailto:luddites200 at yahoo.co.uk>

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