[HacktionLab] encrypt your email badge at p2pu.org - can anyone help?

mick fuzz mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org
Mon Jun 18 11:41:02 UTC 2012

hi there,

At the last hacktionlab at london, I started to try out a p2pu.org course
on how to encrypt your email.


I'm also looking at this as a bit of a pilot project on how to get more out
of online manuals that are about.
And how do we create incentives for people to learn some of this basic
security stuff without us looking like old crotchety men waving our fists
at the kids playing in the street, to borrow a metaphor from yoss.

Anyway I'm talking to p2pu and mozilla about it and they are very helpful.
I wanted to know if anyone here would be up for helping out with this
challenge / course? If it gets popular then there may be emails to answer
and posts to comment on.

If you can help let me know - or just sign up at the link above and you can
say you can help there.
And you can leave comments to say if the materials can be improved too.

Nice one

In my signature this week, I am mainly promoting ....
http://clearerchannel.org -  Training, documentation, advice and media
http://sunseed.org.uk - An ecological and educational community in Almeria,
http://greenzonetoolkit.co.uk - A toolkit on urban gardens and inner city
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