[HacktionLab] reminder about help needed at p2pu.org thing and post about it

mick fuzz mickfuzz at clearerchannel.org
Tue Jun 19 10:02:17 UTC 2012

On 18/06/12 12:41, mick fuzz wrote:
> hi there,
> At the last hacktionlab at london, I started to try out a p2pu.org course
> on how to encrypt your email.
> https://p2pu.org/en/groups/encrypt-and-sign-your-email/
> If you can help let me know - or just sign up at the link above and you
> say you can help there.
> And you can leave comments to say if the materials can be improved too.

hi there,

I just wanted to give a reminder to please support this course if you can.
Please just take 5 mins today to sign up at the site and 'start the
challenge'. I would really appreciate it.

I've written a blog post to try to explain why I think it's important here.
sorry to sound a bit needy

nice one

In my signature this week, I am mainly promoting ....
http://clearerchannel.org -  Training, documentation, advice and media
http://sunseed.org.uk - An ecological and educational community in Almeria,
http://greenzonetoolkit.co.uk - A toolkit on urban gardens and inner city
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