[HacktionLab] Workshop proposal for BarnCamp: How static HTML saved my marriage

Ben Green ben at bristolwireless.net
Thu Mar 21 11:22:00 UTC 2013

Quoting ekes <ekes at aktivix.org>:

> On 21/03/13 12:01, Mike Harris wrote
>> Anyone have any thoughts?  Perhaps this is more of a HacktionLab workshop?
> Think it might be.
> Plus rather than ending up having useful content locked into markup, or
> your particular own re-rolled code - that was such a pain years back -
> static site generators keep them apart so stuff like (ruby) Jekyll,
> (php) Phrozn are probably better?

That's a matter of opinion Ekes, and Mike's workshop is about making  
an argument for his opinion. I think that's a good thing for Barncamp,  
its good to understand different perspectives. Personally I'm all  
about finding alternatives to the resource intensive frameworks and  
platforms currently offered.

I think if it does get in its definitely at the boundary of the  
Barncamp tech level. If you think you can observe the nerd gag and  
still make this a productive workshop Mike, then cool.


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